Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let It Snow! 1st Day of 12 Days of Christmas

 Who's ready for Christmas?   I am trying!   Every year I find all these fabulous recipes and I rip them out and say  " I Have To Try This"  and do I?  NOOOOOOO,  but this year I am committed to 12 new recipes, 1 a day for the next 12 days and I am going to share my journey with you!   

One magazine I am totally in love with is  Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade.  This recipe is from the Nov-Dec 2010 issue, and I have to tell ya, they are delicious!  I had to like freeze them and hid them so they all weren't eaten.  Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!  

Sweet Snowballs

In a food processor process 1 (18 oz) package golden cream-filled vanilla sandwich cookies,  I used Golden Oreos.  Process till crumbly.

Pour into a large bowl, and add 1 package of softened cream cheese.

beat at low speed with an electric mixer till well combined.

Using your hands shape into 1" balls.
In a large microwave safe bowl, melt white baking chocolate.
Dip balls in white chocolate and place on baking sheet covered with wax paper, Refrigerate for 1 hour, or until firm.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Countdown To Christmas Cakes

You can find this cake and more at my Shop Here
 Well Christmas is fast approaching, and this year I have added again to my collection of items, Advent Cakes and Countdown to Christmas cakes!!!!  I love these,  I am actually making up 3 of them for my nieces and nephews.  One of my sisters has 8 kids, so I am trying to figure out how to do this one lol!   I am doing a Elmo's Christmas for my one niece, and a snowman one for my one nephew.   We all know how kids are when presents are starting to pile up under the tree, and they just want to open up "JUST ONE" pleaseeee!!!  Well hopefully this will cure them of that, but I can't guarantee it of course! :)  I will also be adding this week,  12 days to Christmas Cakes.  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Avery's Monkey Buziness Party!

This was a Super Special party !!!  My bestest little buddy was turning 4!  And it was Party "JEN"erations very first party we did locally!  We loved how it turned out, Avery and her mom were super happy.  It was held at Monkey Bizness which was a great location, and the employees were just fantastic to work with!
So Avery is into Monkeys lately, so of course we had to go with a Monkey theme, we decided on Pink, Brown, and a touch of green.   What a fun color combination!
We all were expecting banquet tables when we arrived, and much to our surprise they were not lol!   But we pulled it off with colorful napkins and dressed each table up super cute! 

The candy bags for the Candy Buffet were just simple lunch sacks, we added ribbon ties and a sticker.  My Fabulous assistant ( and daughter)  personalized all of the bags with the children's names.   They turned out super cute and the kids "LOVED" finding their own special bag.

The main character of this party was this adorable pink sock monkey by TerraceHill!
We are thrilled that you stopped by and checked out our Monkey Party.  I was a super fun theme, Avery had a blast, and that was our main objective!  We learned alot on what we need to do next time,  that we can change plans on a moments notice.  And that this is definitely the career I want to pursue!  Thank you so much, and please join us tomorrow for a fun new post!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Welcome to my new Blog!  I have decided to start this blog in place of my Jen's Paper Parties blog, because I wanted to focus more on party planning  and sharing of fabulous parties of my friends!   I hope you enjoy all I have to share, and please send me your party photos so I may highlight you to!