About Me


First of all I am honored you have taken the time to find out about me!  

So I am just going to write out some random facts about myself!

1.  I am married to a amazing man named Jeff who has worked sooo hard for our family for the last 22 years!  

2.  Jeff and I have 5 kids,   Matt 21, Amanda 20, Tyler 19, Tommy 16 and Jake 12.

3.  We live in Highlands Ranch Colorado.  LOVE it here,  we moved here 6 years ago from Minnesota and would never ever move back!

4.  I love parties!  Party planning, designing, dreaming of parties, you name it I love anything parties!

5.  I am a total reality tv junkie,  Housewives, Cake Boss, you name it I even like Ice Road Truckers and Billy the Exterminator.  Yep  total addict!

6.  My biggest dream is to move to the country on 10 acres and have a huge ranch home,  with the whole lower level just for me and my business.   A dream I am working very hard to achieve by the way : ) !

7.  I am a paper and ribbon addict,  I have more ribbon then Micheal's does almost,  its a problem, but its a "Good Thing" as Martha says!

8.  I love to talk, and get to know people,  so if you ever have a question or idea, or would like to submit a party for me to highlight,  I am just a email away!

So that's me in a short nutshell!  I am sure I will change this and add things as life goes on.   Most of all though I want you to know how much I appreciate your support and comments !

Love ya all!